Center Bearing Bracket OEM5-37516-006-0

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We strictly test the transmission center support bearings to ensure product performance and quality standards. Drive center support bearings are

interchangeable with all major truck applications for easy installation and reliable uptime.

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Our advantage drive shaft force

On the drive shaft it also causes torsional and bending vibrations of the drive shaft and generates additional stresses; Uneven stress distribution; Sliding friction between the drive journal and the bearing; The main forms of failure for drive shafts are fatigue fracture and severe wear of the shaft journal. Therefore, the material should have high strength, certain impact toughness, sufficient bending and torsional fatigue strength and stiffness, and the surface of the journal should have high hardness and wear resistance; This material is medium carbon alloy steel that uses quenched tempering (or normalizing) heat treatment to improve and enhance processability.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the drive shaft and extend its service life, attention should be paid to in use

    It is strictly forbidden for cars to start with high-speed gears.

    It is strictly forbidden to lift the clutch pedal violently.

    It is strictly forbidden to overload and speed the car.

    The working condition of the drive shaft should be checked frequently.

    The tightening of the drive shaft hanger should be checked frequently, whether the supporting rubber is damaged, whether the connection parts of the transmission shaft are loose, and whether the transmission shaft is deformed.

    In order to ensure the dynamic balance of the drive shaft, you should always pay attention to whether the balance welding disc is desoldered.

The new drive shaft assembly is provided in supporting the car, and the assembly mark of the telescopic sleeve should be paid attention to when loading the new drive shaft, and the flange fork should be ensured in a plane.

When repairing and disassembling the drive shaft, the assembly marks should be printed on the telescopic sleeve and flange shaft to keep the original assembly relationship unchanged when reassembling.


project name: Automotive Rubber Parts, Automotive Bearings,
Drive shaft center support
appropriate types: truck drivetrain
Material: rubber and steel
size: standard
Serve: Sales / After Sales
warranty period: 1 year
Minimum order quantity 100个
Package European packaging or neutral packaging is also available
custom packaging
delivery time 15-30 days
Shipping terms  
payment terms T/TD/P Credit Card
OEM&ODM: Can accept custom samples


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Center bearing bracket
Center bearing bracket

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