A training on the future development of the company

Recently, inorder to further improve and strengthen the business ability and comprehensive quality of all employees, Oupin has carried out a vocational skills intensive training, this training aims to improve the business ability and work level of partners, Lay a solid foundation for the steady progress of the company’s work throughout the year


this training,We carried out an analysis of the structure and use of “center bracket bearings, seals, steel plate supports, membranes, air springs and other products, Adopt the training method combining “theory and case”, take into account the theory and practical operation, and produce products in strict accordance with the standards.
Ensure strict quality control and build a “one-stop industrial parts supporting service provider”. Through the implementation of standards, continuously optimize costs, improve quality, improve efficiency, create value for customers, contribute to society, and save resources.
After investigating, collecting and understanding customer needs, Oupin Company promptly informs customers of key testing items, identifies quality and safety risks, guides them to establish a self-control and self-inspection system, and strictly controls the quality of export commodities.
At the same time, according to the characteristics of the company’s products such as low shipment volume, high shipment frequency, and scattered product types, the company guides the company to classify and merge similar products, and integrate the declaration to ensure that the goods are transferred to the port as quickly as possible.
Employee training is an effective way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. The competition of modern enterprises is the competition of “talents”. With the accelerated updating of knowledge and technology, enterprises need to continuously innovate and introduce new technologies and new ideas. Training


This training has been recognized by all partners. Through the training, the professional quality and ability of all partners have been strengthened. Effectively improve the production efficiency and awareness of employees, improve team awareness and service capabilities

Post time: May-26-2022