How to judge the quality of rubber oil seal?


1. Check whether the product code identification on the oil seal end face is consistent with the requirements.   

2. It depends on whether the product surface is smooth, free of defects and deformation.   

3. For rubber oil seal with framework, its shape shall be correct. The end face of a good oil seal shall be round, and it shall fit with the glass surface when placed on the glass plate without distortion.    

4. First, the outer edge of the frameless oil seal should be straight, and the end face should be flat. In addition, hold it with your hand to make it deformed, and then release it to restore its original shape.    

5. For the judgment of the cutting edge, the shape and thickness of the cutting edge on the entire circumference of the oil seal should be changed to be consistent. During the trial assembly of the matching parts, the cutting edge should closely fit on the matching neck.    

6. For rubber oil seal with spring, the spring shall be free of rust and deformation, and tightly and firmly stuck in the spring groove. The test of this oil seal can also be verified by a simple small experiment. First, let the oil seal fall freely from a height of 1m. If the spring falls off no more than once every five times, it can be considered that the spring and oil seal are well matched.


Post time: Sep-19-2022