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Oupin Auto Parts Sales Co., Ltd. is located in Xingtai City, a historical city with beautiful scenery and rich civilization. The transportation is very convenient. Our factory is a special enterprise specializing in the production and development of drive shaft brackets. There are dozens of products, with an annual output of more than one million pieces. It has a perennial supporting relationship with many domestic transmission factories. The company's stable quality and good reputation have won unanimous praise from related units.

Our factory specializes in the manufacture of drive shaft brackets, with ten years of production experience, high cost performance, professional mold engineering personnel and advanced numerical control equipment, new product development has certain advantages, welcome customers to order samples, the company is in FAW, Second Automobile, BAIC and other OEMs have direct and indirect supporting relationships. The company is committed to quality and trustworthiness. New customers can send samples to seal up for acceptance before delivery, to ensure complete after-sales, and there are various models for selection. Welcome new and old customers to come Shop!

Transmission characteristics of automobile transmission shaft


On a car with front engine rear-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive), due to the deformation of the suspension during the movement of the car, there is often a relative movement between the input shaft of the drive shaft final reducer and the output shaft of the transmission (or transfer case). In addition, in order to effectively avoid certain mechanisms or devices (linear transmission cannot be achieved), there must be a device to realize the normal transmission of power, so the universal joint transmission appears. The universal joint drive must have the following characteristics:
a. Ensure that the power can be reliably transmitted when the relative positions of the two connected shafts change within the expected range;
b. Ensure that the connected two shafts can run evenly. The additional load, vibration and noise due to the included angle of the universal joint should be within the allowable range;
c. High transmission efficiency, long service life, simple structure, convenient manufacture and easy maintenance. For automobiles, since the output shaft of a cross shaft universal joint rotates at an unequal speed relative to the input shaft (with a certain included angle), double universal joints (or multi-cardan joints) must be used for this purpose. And arrange the two universal joint forks connected with the transmission shaft on the same plane, and make the included angles of the two universal joints equal. This is very important. In the design, the included angle of the universal joint should be minimized.

Post time: Aug-26-2022