The use and introduction of center support bearing

The automobile transmission shaft is the main power transmission device of the vehicle, and the power transmission system is the main accessory of the vehicle transmission device. The damage to the bearing is one of the main damage centers of the axle shaft, and it is one of the main hazards of driving a car. In the event of a bearing accident, it is best to have a trailer drive on the city road to join the vehicle's center of awareness and call for rescue. In addition, the damage to the center bearing of the vehicle is likely to be caused by the sound of rolling during the disparate process, and the sound that occurs in the case of significant changes. The more serious point will also be There are noises in all the processes that car buyers are involved in.


The center bracket bearing is used to stabilize the drive shaft when the entire drive train is divided into sections. They are usually installed at the junction of two areas. They can not only control NVH, but also ensure that the drive shaft is at the correct angle. OPIN uses professional technology and excellent equipment to develop and produce various types of drive shaft intermediate brackets for you. Through fatigue and stiffness tests, the performance is continuously calibrated to ensure the product is durable. , to ensure that the product stiffness characteristics are appropriate, and effectively reduce NVH to protect the universal joint box bearing.


Oupin understands the importance of quality, we use natural rubber formula, excellent performance, odorless and tasteless. For each product, its rubber is tested by the test center to obtain the optimal curing time, curing temperature and curing pressure. All of our product dimensions have been accurately matched by digital and analog, and the performance has been matched by numerous dynamic and static tests in the test center to ensure that they meet OEM standards and quality. All products have undergone fatigue tests for more than 600,000 cycles to ensure The performance is stable and durable, escorting the user's driving.

Post time: May-26-2022