What is the function of the center hanger of the drive shaft?


The role of the center hanger of the drive shaft

The distance between the drive shaft and the driven shaft of the truck is far, and the transmission shaft has a connecting part, so a central hanger is used. Usually the center hanger is located in or under the beam in the frame. Some hangers are set in the beam with bolts, and some are hoisted under the beam. The hanger has double sets of ball bearings and a bearing seat, and different shapes of rubber gaskets are used to attach between the periphery of the bearing seat and the hole of the hanger seat. The rear end of the front drive shaft is positioned by a central hanger, which can ensure the positioning and rotation of the front and rear drive shafts, and at the same time the front drive shaft can swing slightly and move slightly in the axial direction.

Post time: Aug-28-2022