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Drive shaft bearing bracket


What are the characteristics and functions of the car drive shaft bracket

1. Low carbon steel has good plasticity, but low strength and hardness, good weldability and cold stamping process, and can be used to make various standard parts, shaft sleeves, containers, etc.;
2. High carbon steel has poor plasticity, high hardness, poor fatigue strength, poor machinability, and insufficient toughness for shaft parts and is easy to break. This type of steel is suitable for making static pressure-bearing and wear-resistant parts, such as heavy rails and rolls. After proper heat treatment, springs, wire ropes, etc., which require high hardness and high wear resistance, can also be made;
3. The main function of the car drive shaft is to support the rotary body and transmit power. Working conditions generally bear alternating torque and tension and compression loads, and the journal and key parts are subject to greater friction and wear. The failure forms are mainly fracture and local excessive wear, and fracture includes fatigue fracture and overload fracture. Therefore, when selecting materials, the materials should have: sufficient strength, rigidity and certain toughness, good wear resistance, high fatigue strength and good machinability. That is to say, the spindle is required to have good comprehensive mechanical properties.
4. After proper heat treatment, medium carbon steel can obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties, and achieve parts with tough core and wear-resistant surface.

Dismounting sequence of drive shaft center support bearing:

1. Remove the propeller shaft from the car. The disassembly of the transmission shaft should start from the rear end of the rear transmission shaft and proceed forward in sequence. First unscrew the 4 bolts on the universal joint yoke connected to the drive axle, remove the rear end of the main transmission shaft, and then unscrew the 4 bolts on the universal joint yoke connected to the intermediate transmission shaft, Remove the front end so that the entire main drive shaft can be disassembled; loosen the connecting bolts between the intermediate support and the frame beam, remove the end with the intermediate support, and finally loosen the nut connected to the parking brake drum, and put the middle The drive shaft is removed in its entirety.
2. Inspection before assembly disassembly. Check whether the assembly marks on the assembly are complete and clear. If the marking is incomplete or unclear, it should be


project name: Automotive Rubber Parts , Automotive Bearings ,
Drive Shaft Center Support Bearings
Suitable for models truck
Material rubber and steel
size standard/OEM
Serve Sales / After Sales
warranty period 1 year
Minimum order quantity 50 PCS
Package Oupin packaging or neutral packaging can also be
customized packaging
delivery time 15-30 days
Shipping terms
payment terms T/T   D/P credit card
OEM&ODM: Custom-made samples are acceptable

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