Truck oil seal sealing ring accessories 62*121*23

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The differential oil seal is the half shaft oil seal: generally located in the lower part of the car chassis, the half shaft oil seal is used to seal and divide the two parts of the drive axle and the wheel reducer.
The axle shaft is used to transmit the output torque of the differential side gear to the drive wheel or the wheel side reducer. The oil leakage of the half shaft oil seal will reduce the amount of lubricating oil in the drive axle, affect the normal lubrication, and aggravate the wear of the parts, resulting in early damage. The oil seal of the axle shaft leaks, and the lubricating oil flows into the wheel reducer, causing the oil level of the wheel reducer to rise, breaking the oil seal and flowing into the brake drum, causing poor braking and endangering safe driving.
Oil seals, also known as oil retaining rings, should be installed in all parts of the automobile where rolling bearings or sliding bearings are installed to prevent the leakage or leakage of lubricating oil or grease, and at the same time prevent the immersion of dust or sludge. Good lubrication conditions for rolling or sliding friction parts for extended service life.

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Rubber oil seal


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The role of the differential oil seal:

1. The outer diameter of the seal is designed to provide better static sealing, limited rebound effect, accurate positioning and a solid foundation for sealing in its housing, as well as better heat dissipation for low-viscosity or high-viscosity fluids.
2. Depending on the application, apply a compatible lubricant to different areas inside the seal, which will allow for better heat dissipation, lubricate the additional sealing lip during friction and prevent the ingress of external contaminants.
3. The rubber bumper positions the sleeve correctly with the main sealing lip. They also use a variety of additional barriers to ensure appropriate levels of confinement or disturbance and reduce the entry of external contaminants into the system.


product name Rubber oil seal
size 62*121*23
Material rubber and steel
color brown
Serve Sales / After Sales
warranty period 1 year
Minimum order quantity 50PCS
Package Oupin packaging or neutral packaging can also be
customized packaging
delivery time 15-30DAYS
Shipping terms
payment terms T/T   D/P credit card
OEM&ODM: Custom-made samples are acceptable
material Low
NBR -40 120 Good resistance to alcohol,amines, petroleum oils, and
gasoline over a wide range of temperature. Also good resistance to caustic salts and fair acid. Poor in strong oxidants, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, and esters
HNBR -25 140 HNBR is made from NBR by hydrogenation. It has high
temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and good
physical properties.
ACM -25 150 It is used in diaphragm, hose for automotive application.
Good resistance to heat, ozone and oil. Generally
attacked by water, alcohol, glycol and aromatic
hydrocarbons. The molecular structure contains ethyl acrylate (EA). Butyl acrylate (BA), and methoxy ethyl acrylate (MEA). High BA content get better low temperature resistance, and high MEA content get more oil resistance.
EPDM -40 125 Stable in polar fluids (alcohol, ketone, and glycol),
and hydrochloric acid. Due to the low specific gravity, it can compound with large amount filler.
VMQ -60 125 The most widely temperature ranges for application.
Good weather and ozone resistance, but poor mechanical property and chemical resistance.
FKM -20 250 Fluoroelastomers have a high degree of chemical
stability and are currently the best media resistance
of any elastomer. Type 26 fluoroelastomer resistant
to petroleum-based oils, diester oils, silicone ether
oils, silicic acid oils, inorganic acids, most organic, inorganic solvents, drugs and so on

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Rubber oil seal
Rubber oil seal

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