truck suspension stabilizer bushing OEM 9423260050 480444 for truck

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The use of bushings can reduce equipment wear, vibration and noise, and have an anti-corrosion effect. The use of the bushing can also facilitate the maintenance of mechanical equipment, simplify the structure and manufacturing process of the equipment. The role of the bushing in actual work has a lot to do with its application environment and purpose. In the field of valve application, the bushing is installed in the valve cover to cover the valve stem, so as to reduce the leakage of the valve and achieve the sealing effect.

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Suitable for Mercedes-Benz models

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When the car is turning and passing through bumpy roads, the stabilizer bar bushing is subjected to large extrusion and torsion forces, which requires the material for making the stabilizer bar bushing must have high tensile strength, low friction coefficient, and good resistance. Aging performance, good resilience and friction resistance. In the past, natural rubber was mainly used as the main material, and paraffin was added to the ingredients to make stabilizer bar bushings. It is necessary to apply silicone oil as a lubricant on the inner wall of the bushing to reduce the friction coefficient. The Teflon layer is pasted in the inner hole of the rubber bushing, which greatly reduces the coefficient of friction, and at the same time, the durability is very good.


project name: Auto rubber parts, auto rubber bushings
Suitable for models Mercedes-Benz
Material rubber and steel
size standard/OEM
Serve Sales / After Sales
warranty period 1 year
Minimum order quantity 100 PCS
Package Oupin packaging or neutral packaging can also be
customized packaging
delivery time within 30 days
Shipping terms FOB
payment terms T/T   D/P credit card
OEM&ODM: Custom-made samples are acceptable

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